Ban Russia from Paris olympics

Russian terrorists rank first in terms of the number of tortures and war crimes committed on the territory of Ukraine. Over the past few years, they have been accused of numerous violations of international law and the rules of war. In addition, Ukrainian children have been victims of rape committed by the Russian army and certain groups of Russian armed forces. This is a heinous crime that cannot be forgiven and must not be forgotten.

Our artworks

We’re a team of artists who talk about Ukrainian superheroes, the warriors who defend the country from Russian military invasion. We believe that art can contribute to defeating this absolute evil. Our mission is to spread the word about Russian war crimes, help defend Ukraine’s freedom, and protect democratic values and human rights.

Russian Influence Center in Paris

Russia has been using its culture to promote its narratives and propaganda worldwide. The regime uses Russian culture to back wars. In Paris, the Russian culture centre is instead a Russian influence centre.

Our artworks at the heart of global rallies in support of Ukraine

Over 100 000 people participated in rallies in support of Ukraine in more than 45 countries and over 300 cities on February 24-26. Protesters marked the one-year anniversary of Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine and all-out war.

In response to the ongoing Russian war aggression, Ukrainian communities and local activists hold rallies and demonstrations supporting Ukraine’s fight against the Russian aggressor; a powerful wave of support from the Ukrainian diaspora, public associations, diplomats, opinion leaders, local politicians and institutions in 46 countries rose worldwide.

People went to the central squares of the cities under the slogan “Light will win over darkness.” Demonstrators asked local governments for more support to Ukraine, including heavy weapons, to defend the country against Russia’s war. Many of them had illustrations crafted by the Underdog artists.

UnderDog Story

A group of artists developed the Underdog project to prove that Art can fight and defeat war. The idea is simple yet powerful. We produce beautiful paintings and sell them to raise money for the Ukrainian army that has been defending Ukraine against the Russian invasion and military aggression.

Our artists work tirelessly to produce stunning artwork that captures the Ukrainian people’s resilience and the Russian aggressors’ horror. Each painting is unique, telling a different story of hope and courage amidst the chaos of war.

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