10 Basic Principles of War Propaganda, how they are used in Russian media

10 basic principles of war propaganda that state leaders effectively used in the First World War, during the wars in the ninetieth, and now. In today’s world, where there are more and more wars, Ukraine, Syria, the Middle East, Yemen, Mali, and Central Africa… Understanding the ten war propaganda principles and how they function is essential. We highlight them in this video and explain how dictatorial regimes still use them today. In her work “Basic Principles of War Propaganda,” Belgian historian Anna Morelli identifies 10 key points. Anne Morelli was inspired by British pacifist Arthur Ponsonby’s lessons on essential war propaganda techniques that he produced during the First World War. The framework of the historian’s book is made up of ten chapters that organize ten principles. This book has been manipulated by Kremlin propaganda to criticize the US while omitting any reference to Russian aggression abroad. Let’s review the 10 basic principles of war propaganda in this video series.

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