December 5, 2022

I had a horror dream:
Alarms, explosions, fire hot.
The sky is full of birds that scream –
Escaped. But I did not.

I had a dream of black smoke
That swallowed my bright home.
And I woke up alone
When enemy mines broke.

A stranger stands near the window.
Where’s my Dad? And Mom? They’re gone.
Maybe there’s something wrong I done?
Maybe my fault that I had fun?

I swear, from now I will obey –
I’m begging all the gods, I pray.
I can’t be left without aid,
I am scared here. I am afraid.

I want to live without war.
Return my mom, as was before…During the 90 days of full-scale war in Ukraine, 48,321 babies were born.
243 Ukrainian child had died, 687 had been injured, 232 480 young Ukrainians had been forcibly deported to russia, thousands of children had been orphaned due to russian armed aggression during russia’s full-scale invasion.
The exact number of children raped by russian soldiers is unknown …

We must stop it immediately! Sign the petition: