December 4, 2022

The USA is considering several options for arming the ukrainian air force saab jas 39 gripen is one of them, it is a combat aircraft made in sweden the main advantages are versatility and high maneuverability gripen can take off and land on highways. 800 meters are enough. “Griffon” can be used as a fighter, attack, or reconnaissance aircraft the maximum flight speed is 2130 km/h the maximum flight altitude is over 15 km the aircraft has 8 weapon stations gripen can carry up to 16 air-to-surface missiles, 2 anti-ship missiles, and different types of bombs The jet is equipped with a 27 mm mauser bk-27 revolver cannon and a unique aiming system connected with the aircraft’s radar and autopilot Since 2020, the command of the air forces of ukraine considered the saab jas 39 gripen as a replacement for the old soviet aircrafts.