December 5, 2022
Norway, Stavanger, heart touching… #terroRussia

On the 23rd of July, hours after the grain deal was signed, ruzzia hit the port of Odesa with cruise missiles. Yep, right where the grain was. That morning, Ukrainians of Rogaland have gathered in the centre of Stavanger to remind the world of an undeniable fact: #terroRussia, #russiaisaterroriststate A beautiful Ukrainian girl held a loaf of bread on an embroidered towel – a well-known symbol of Ukrainian hospitality and manifestation of Ukraine’s role as a global breadbusket. This time, however, it was not a traditional pinch of salt on the top of the loaf but a ruzzian rocket sticking out of it… Lots of the participants were refugees. And many of them arrived to the welcoming and caring Norway 🇳🇴 by a whim of fate rather then by choice. They are grateful for the shelter but dream to return home…

Video credits: Evgeniya Kramarenko

Organizator: Elena Liaknvatska