December 5, 2022
Dear friends! On September 26, at 9:00 on Muhammad-Asad-Platz, Ukrainian organisations will hold a rally and address an open letter to the IAEA

The event will take place during the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) General Conference Session.

The organisers are inviting mass media representatives, local authorities, Ukrainians in Austria, as well as all the Austrians that find themselves concerned by the nuclear safety issue.

The collaborators of this project are NGO SaveDnipro, NGO Center for Environmental Initiatives Екодія, Greenpeace CEE, and the ICUV – International Centre for Ukrainian Victory.

“Every morning, Ukraine wakes up with the risk of being at the epicenter of a nuclear disaster perpetrated by the Russian Federation. European countries should remember that the nuclear safety of Ukrainian nuclear plants is the key to a safe European future. The IAEA General Conference should deprive Russia of the rights of a country member of the Agency and the privilege of dictating the nuclear agenda on the European continent,” says Iryna Chernysh, Head of the “SaveDnipro”.

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