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Light will win

What is Underdog?

We’re a group of Ukrainian artists who highlight the fight superheroes, the Ukrainian military, against the invaders. We’re convinced that art impacts politics and that good shall triumph over evil. Our team provides artwork on war topics and follows our people on the path toward victory.

Our Mission

To spread the word about Russia’s war crimes, atrocities, and devastations caused to the Ukrainian people. Collect funds for the Ukrainian army.

Andriy Yermolenko, Ukrainian artist

We describe the war through art

In February 2022, following Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine, a group of Ukrainian artists came together to fight against Russia’s war. The artists were frightened by the devastating effects of the war on the Ukrainian people and wanted to do something to help.

Thus, we came up with the project Underdog – Art vs War. The idea was simple yet powerful. We create beautiful paintings and sell them to raise money for the army defending Ukraine against Russian aggression.

All the artists have been working tirelessly to produce stunning artwork that captures the resilience of the Ukrainian people. Each painting is unique, telling a different story of hope and courage amidst the destruction of war.

The project quickly gained momentum, and people from all over the world started buying the paintings. The funds raised were used to support the army and provide them with essential supplies, such as food, clothing, and medicine.

The impact of the Underdog has been significant. We not only helped the Ukrainian army but also gave hope to the people who were suffering from the war. The beautiful artwork reminded them that there was still beauty and goodness in the world, even amidst the darkness of war.

The project also inspired other artists to join the cause and create artwork to support Ukraine. Soon, the Underdog project became a movement, and people from all walks of life joined hands to fight against the war and help the Ukrainian people.

As the war continued, the Underdog project remained steadfast in its mission. The artists continued to create beautiful artwork, and people continued buying them, knowing their money was going towards a good cause.

Ultimately, the Underdog project proved that art could be a powerful weapon against war. It brought people together, inspired hope, and helped those in need. The artists had shown that beauty and goodness could still prevail even in the darkest times.

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