I began to understand it back then on the Maidan, I felt it with every cell of my body, and I thanked our enemies for the first time

At first, they beat the weakest and we became stronger, then we taped boards on our hands, cut carimats and wrapped them on our legs, and someone put on hockey pads, it was the beginning of the awareness of growing up and making wooden shields, we were taught on the Maidan to keep in the formation, then they started killing us and we also started learning to kill, we did not give up, we studied the recipe of “molotov cocktails”, we learned to shoot fireworks, and our enemies did not understand why we did not give up. Our enemies did not understand that they are our best teachers, who punish us with death for an unfulfilled lesson, and every death of a brother is a bad mark for an unlearned lesson, and this is another lesson to be learned! Our enemies, without realizing it, taught us to be warriors, each of us took our place and filled the ranks! We have evolved from the “clawed men” to the Byraktars, the Hymyrs, and the Javelins! Our enemies have taught us to respect ourselves! and our enemies have not realized one thing: now our children are born warriors, our children laugh at the enemies, our children get shell-shock and lose their lives, and our children become disabled and veterans from childhood! our children who have gone through this hell are already heroes, little heroes and they will learn to appreciate freedom and hate the enemy even more! our children are not afraid of those whom we were afraid of! Thanks to our children! Thanks to our air defense for growing up and learning with us!!!

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